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When dolomite lump ore is heated in a roaster kiln, MgCO3 is first decomposed between 750 and 800℃ due to the endothermic reaction, then CaCO3 is decomposed between 900 and 1000℃, forming burnt dolomite [CaO·MgO].
Along with iron ore for steel manufacture and coke, burnt dolomite is mixed as a fusing agent for calcination to increase the durability of firebricks and form slag, and to remove toxic substances during steel and iron manufacture.

Granular limestone
magnesium fertilizer

Magnesium oxide is called [magnesium fertilizer, MgO].
Magnesium oxide is an element of chlorophyll. When there is a lack of magnesium oxide, chlorophyll is not formed, and leaves develop chlorosis, decreasing the photosynthesis effect.
Magnesium oxide also has various roles including vitalizing plant metabolism, absorbing and inhibiting toxic substances in the soil to reduce adverse effects, supporting microbial activities, and accelerating the decomposition of organisms.

Granule quicklime

A granule product mixed with calcium, magnesium oxide, silicic acid, and small amounts of inorganic substances, it contains more than 80% alkaline substances, especially magnesium oxide, having an effect of preventing soil aging and neutralizing acidic soil to aid the growth and development of crops. This helps prevent leaves and fruits from falling prematurely, ensuring the produce remains healthy. It is also easy to apply as it does not blow off the wind, and an appropriate amount can be applied efficiently in a short amount of time.

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